Pack it Up


Packing appropriately is one of the most difficult tasks to approach when preparing for a trip. Before I knew the useful packing habits I now do, I would find myself caught in moments of bitter realization, halfway through packing or hundreds of miles away with mismatched shoes. When I first started piling things in, everything would seem fine, like the copious mounds of stuff I’d tossed carelessly into my suitcase might actually fit. But the questionable veracity of this theory would soon settle over me and I’d end up in a disarray of clothes scattered around my room, where I would inevitably leave something (or many things) behind. With these few new tricks, I’ve managed to tame my packing…for the most part.

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Back in the Day

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.53.17 PM

Remember the 90s? I sure don’t. Considering I wasn’t even born till the near end of the decade, most of my ideas of the style of the 90s come from the traces of it’s style that still linger in my mom’s closet. Conveniently enough, as the grungy allure of 90’s fashion is resurfacing in updated crop tops and high-waisted shorts, combat boots, this has proved to be a fortunate resource. In this revival, a more refined version of the 90s has emerged, and  the 90s tackiest trends have long since been abandoned, to create a fresh new appeal. While being warmly reminiscent of a time filled with fond memories (even though mine are limited to a short period of time), this renwal carries a major cool factor. The 90’s influence is apparent on the runways and in the streets in the notoriously sought after fun and edgy looks that are shaped by it’s elusive and quirky charm.

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